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sydney starko rmt
HELLO: Welcome

Here's what you need to know about me.
I dig, stretch, pull, sink, lift, and push. I listen and I feel. I believe in creating space and balance in your body to help you find your flow in life.  
I specialize in deep tissue therapeutic massage, Chinese fire cupping, myofasical release, relaxation, women's wellness, and perinatal work.

I'm also pretty fuckin into meditation, yoga nidra, energy awareness, real conversations, and basically anything that I think might help you on your journey to inner peace (seriously... inner peace is important) My therapeutic philosophy is founded on west + east + north + south, I believe whole heartedly that traditional and modern methods of healing can and should meet in the centre.



MacEwan University's 2200 hr massage therapy program in 2010 and have been exploring and learning humans ever since!

 (that's approx 12500 hrs of experience y'all)


dozens of continuing education courses in energy, movement, anatomy, yoga, cranio-sacral, women's health, and bodywork. 

200hr Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Teacher


Faculty member of

Embodied Living's 200/300hr Yoga Education

My practice is inclusive and welcoming



with/formerly with



CALL ME, let's heal your shit.

Hey, what's up, hello...

HELLO: About
to build a session with you that is unique and authentic to what you, your brain, and body
HELLO: Mission

call me

Currently not accepting new clients. 

My focus is now exclusively based on women's health and working with those who's bodies have/had uteruses

(no longer excepting male clients...existing dudes clients exempted)

Next intake END OF 2022-ish



90 minute in studio $160*

private virtual session $160*

120 minute $220**

*all prices include GST, and are subject to slight changes

** this is a big session and only available to existing clients who are pre-approved by MOI

Reggie Ray, Buddhist scholar

"Underneath it all, we are wild and we know it "

HELLO: Quote
HELLO: Services


Deep Tissue Massage

Hurts so good.

Sometimes you just need someone to dig into your muscles. Really beat the $#!% out of you. Working with you and your body, I use my thumbs, knuckles, fists, and elbows to work my way deeper into whatever tension you have. Deep muscle work removes fascial adhesions and increases blood flow, and most patients report improved muscle functions. In the words of American Poet, Kanye West, a deep tissue massage will make you: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

Fascia Work

You = Sticky

Ohhhhh fascia, stubborn stuck fascia. Fascia is a web of connective tissue that is EVERYWHERE in your body. It acts to provide shape and lubrication to all your cells. Fascial adhesions can build up naturally and/or from injuries, overuse, underuse and especially from not stretching (WHAT! stretching is good for you?). These adhesions can hinder range of motion, cause pain and mess with your posture! Fascial work is usually done without oil to help "unstick" your muscles. It's as satisfying as getting your teeth cleaned (in a good way I promise)!



Relaxation massage is the best when you just "can't even". While we won't dig quite as deep or push quite as hard, relaxation massage has many benefits: Increased circulation, improved sleep, an immunity boost, make you a nicer person, and..well...It'll just feel goooood! 

PreNatal Massage're growing a human.

Let's be real ladies, you had tight hips and shoulders before this pregnancy and now,'s not getting any better. Massage during pregnancy can help with many common complaints. Regular massages while growing this little human, will cause less aches, better sleep, and decreased stress. Fact, stressed out moms grow stressed out babies...and ain't nobody about that life.   
Treat yo'self!


breath, breasts, and pelvis

this focused 90 min session was created to guide you into reconnecting

with your body


balance your feminine energies.  

We set our intentions specifically to free up flow and space through the chest, breasts, belly, breath, and of course THE PELVIS... allowing you to breath, flow, and ground. throughout your life. We will also give all scar tissue the attention they deserve...

(c-sections, mastectomies, breast reductions, endoscopic surgeries, ETC) 


This session is appropriate for ALL folks with or formerly with, a uterus.



breath, breasts, and pelvis

from the comfort of your own dang home(gasps)

this focused session was created to so we can work together no matter where you are!

We will create a session where you can reconnect to YOUR will be a mix of self massage, anatomy knowledge, meditation, yoga, somatic connection, vulva/vaginal wellness and some breath work...  

We set our intentions specifically to free up flow and space through the chest, breasts, belly, breath, and of course THE PELVIS... allowing you to breath, flow, and ground. throughout your life. 

This session is appropriate for ALL folks with or formerly with, a uterus.


*a connection call must be scheduled before our

first session to help map out

what we work we will do! 

Cranio Sacral 

THE MOST RELAXING MODALITY- scientifically proven to activate your parasympathetic nervous system (thats the part of your systems that calms you TF down). The body cannot heal itself in a stressed out (inflamed) state, CranioSacral is the antidote to stress. I am trained to access the body's subtle fluid rhythms and fascial patterns, using the bones of your skull and sacrum to help release the ENTIRE BODY.

Ideal for concussions, TMJ problems, headache/migraines, sleep disorders, anxiety, digestion and so much more.   




currently offering NOV 2022 enrolment for

200/300hrs Comprehensive Yoga Education with Embodied Adventure

Learn self regulation, boundary setting, stress management, communication, belief systems, leadership, behavioural pattern shifting, how your body works, and SO MUCH MORE... with a side of yoga philosophy. For anyone who thirsts for knowledge, community, and adventure. 


Chinese Fire Cupping

It sucks.

The small glass cups that are placed on your body have one main job: INCREASE CIRCULATION! The suction, provided by the cups, pulls stagnated blood to the surface of the tissue which allows your lymphatic system to flush the old blood out. These cups not only relieve tension and myofascial adhesions but are known to give your immune system a boost. You'll quickly forget about the temporary marks on your body because the results are soooo good!

Nose hill is both urban and wild. I am grateful for this place. ✌️...........jpg


​Humbly serving the land and people of this sacred gathering place known as Moh’kinsstis, which today we also refer to as the City of Calgary.

Respectfully living, playing, and practicing on the traditional territories of the peoples of Treaty 7 peoples of the Niitsitapi (Blackfoot) the Piikani, Kainai, and Siksika First Nations, Tsuut’ina First Nation, Îyârhe Nakoda (Stoney Nakoda), and Métis Nation Region III

Spanning generations, acknowledgement of the land is a traditional custom of Indigenous people when welcoming outsiders onto their land and into their homes. To build respectful relationships, acknowledging the land is an important part of reconciliation. It honours the authentic history of North America, its original people and tells the story of the creation of this country that has historically been missing.

A sincere extension of heart felt gratitude to the those who keep and share the stories of this land and her people. I believe strongly that Mother Earth is sacred and that the land we live on is borrowed from her...harmony among all living beings requires relationship and compassion... I'm proud to take care of, and live in reciprocity with these Traditional Lands I call home. 



Anything else you'd like to know? Shoot me a quick email or give me a call. I'm happy to answer any of your questions! 
You can also follow me on IG.




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HELLO: Contact


hours are subject to change with the seasons, moon, and my general distaste for commitment...


Mon-Thurs 930-630.

HELLO: Opening Hours
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